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Thank you to everybody who stopped by our booth at TACO!

Campground Commander at the TACO convention

Save time and money by booking more with the Campground Commander™ complete online reservation and management system

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We are extremely happy with Campground Commander and get many compliments from our customers on our website and how easy it is to book a site. The process of setting up our website and campground management system was quick and easy. I would highly recommend Campground Commander to anyone.

Tom Bosch at Bosch’s Big Bear

Boost bookings and increase campground revenue while providing the flexibility to simplify every transaction!

Campground Commander is the leader in campground management systems combining an intuitive reservations system for today’s savvy camper with backend management that’s easy for all generations to use!

We understand the ins and outs of your size campground. This is what separates us from our competitors. Our reservation app has been designed specifically for campgrounds your size – not for resorts – so we’re not here to fit your smaller business into a large model, charging extra for forms and features you’ll never use. With the help of other smaller campgrounds like yours, our business forms have been created to provide only those forms and reports your campground needs and wants. Check us out now to learn more about our stellar, up-to-date reservation software and see how Campground Commander can provide you the tools that will help you achieve your financial and campground goals!

I want to tell you guys, we love the system it’s smooth, super user friendly and haven’t had any issues you guys are doing awesome!

Kaylee at Rocky Mountain View


Satisfaction rate from our users


Showed an increase in reservations since they started using Campground Commander


Stated they would recommend Campground Commander to other campgrounds!

Our customers know we do everything we can in guiding them in getting their website and campground found online. After only 48 hours of opening their new campground and going live with Campground Commander, we received the following message from one of our campgrounds: 

We got our first reservation through Campground Commander today. It was for 20 days! Thank you!

Tom Bosch at Bosch’s Big Bear

Image courtesy of Osage Beach RV Park, Osage Beach, Mo.

Discover the ease of Campground Commander

Manage Your Campground Inside and Out

  • Built for small to medium sized campgrounds
  • Cloud-based
  • Access your business anytime, anyplace you have internet access
  • Make reservations and keep up with office management anywhere, on any device

Reports Built With Your Campground In Mind

  • Reports designed for your size campground created with the help of actual campground owners
  • Available in CSV Format
  • Arrivals/Departures, Reservations, Billing and Occupancy

Updates In Real Time

  • Reservations, online and in office, update in real time, eliminating double or overbooking
  • In-office billing refreshes automatically, keeping your records up to date

Campsite Reservation Control

  • Make changes to your campsites with the click of your mouse
  • Add features to campsites anytime you want
  • Show campsites unavailable or move campers from one spot to another in seconds

Easy Booking Process

Software Updates

  • We’re continuously updating and improving our reservation software according to the needs and “asks” of our customers
  • Software updates are automatically pushed to your system at no extra charge

This was our first season as a partnership with Campground Commander. We have appreciated the fact that you and Karl listen to our concerns and needs as a smaller campground, and do the best you can to place priority on implementing new requests on the back end. Anytime I have a question or concern about the system, you both have responded in a timely manner. We truly appreciate the great customer service that Campground Commander provides around the clock.

Jason at Irons

Image courtesy of Country Gardens RV Park, Odessa, Mo.

Up-to-Date Management

Campground Commander is designed for the campground and RV park wanting up-to-date solutions at a reasonable cost. Created to increase sales through improved efficiency for the customer and campground manager, this powerful, yet easy-to-use web-based reservation management software is flexible and the perfect fit for all campgrounds.

Average fee per reservation: $1.90

Works for you 24/7

It’s user friendly interface provides the right combination of effortless backend management tools, reports and documents with an easy to use customer reservations interface.* Offering the best price on the market today, Campground Commander is sure to increase your profits through increased online sales. Call today to learn how Campground Commander can increase profits for you this year!

*Campground Commander works optimally on the Google Chrome browser.

I just wanted to say Thank you! to everyone at Campground Commander for their excellent and courteous work! You all are a blessing to work with. Thanks again.

Paul and Libby at Show-Me Rest
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Park Operators: Meet Campground Commander and Mary Moeller!

Everything is going great, we like having Campground Commander as a part of our business!!

Echota Village RV Park


Campground Commander is doing what we can to help lower carbon emissions into the atmosphere by hosting our reservation software on carbon-neutral servers whose data centers are all carbon neutral either by directly using renewable energy, or by purchasing an equivalent amount of renewable energy.

Contact us to learn how Campground Commander can increase your profits!

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