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Campground Commander is the leader in campground management systems combining an intuitive reservations system for today’s saavvy camper with backend management that is easy for all generations to use!

We understand the ins and outs of small business and campgrounds. This is what separates us from the big reservation systems currently on the market today as our registration app has been designed specifically for campgrounds your size, not for resorts. Our goal is not to fit your smaller business into a large model charging extra for forms you do not need. Check us out now to learn more about our stellar, up-to-date registration system and see how Campground Commander provides tools to help you to "compete with the big guy"!

Hosted in the Cloud

Delivered in the most cost efficient method available today, Campground Commander is cloud based, providing unlimited storage capacity, easy backup and recovery, and automatic software integration. Cloud based allows you access to your information from anywhere there is an internet connection, meaning you can be up to date on what is happening within your campground in minutes.

Real Time Google Maps

Unlike our competitors who have static grid created maps, Campground Commander integrates with Google Maps allowing real time visuals for campers looking for a campground and campsite. This feature, one that today’s young campers want and expect, provides the ability to zoom into the campground and specific campsites to get a “birds eye” view before they choose which best fits their needs.

Modern User Interface

A key differentiator from our competitors is that our user interface is built around the expectations of today’s camping customer, using modern methods and tools to provide an intuitive interface that conveys more pertinent information, in a simpler manner to the customer.

Works on all devices

Up To Date Management

Campground Commander is designed for the campground and RV park wanting up to date solutions at a reasonable cost. Created to increase sales through improved efficiency both for the customer and campground manager, this powerful, yet easy to use web based reservation management software is flexible and the perfect fit for all campgrounds.

Works For You 24/7

It’s user friendly interface provides the right combination of effortless backend management tools, reports and documents with an easy to use customer reservations interface. Offering the best price on the market today, Campground Commander is sure to increase your profits through increased online sales. Call today to learn how Campground Commander can increase profits for you this year!

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