Utilizing their experience as campers and with the help of campground owners, the Campground Commander team came together in 2015 to create a modernized reservation software that delivers reservation features millennials look for while providing essential management tools to grow campground revenue. All avid campers, our team has worked hard to create a one-of-a-kind software solution through our camping experience and the experience of our campground managers and owners. Campground Commander’s offices are centrally located in Kansas City, Missouri.

Our Team

Owners, Sales and Support

Karl and Mary

Karl and Mary, a husband and wife team, bring more than a lifetime of experience in growing and managing business. Glampers themselves, their expertise focuses on creating efficient business systems and reports that save time and increase profits for your campground.

Training & Support

Mary Howard


Mary, and her husband Larry, love to travel anytime they can. You’ll often find them voyaging across the country to an SCCA race or outdoor camping adventure. Mary had a career of  20+ years in information technology, 10 years as a high school math and engineering teacher and now enjoys semi-retirement working with the Campground Commander team on onboarding new customers and supporting existing customers.


Katie, our newest “family” addition to Campground Commander came on board to test our new product features, but quickly moved into taking over many other responsibilities within the company. Our newer customers may already know Katie for setting up their campground and training them on using the software. Her family knows her as the energetic wife and mother of two young, energetic boys. Katie and her family, like the rest of us, enjoy their weekend camping trips together.

Architects & Developers

Derek, Robert, Justin

Our software developers, well versed in camping and avid campers themselves, know first hand the difficulties with many online campground registration systems on the market and in many campgrounds. Frustrated with their own experience and visiting with campground owners led them to utilize their varied backgrounds in software development to create a “state of the art” product. Each of them has been responsible for leading globally distributed teams to success on enterprise level software projects. These projects provided a wide variety of development experience, from complex mainframe systems, to device management in some of the largest IT deployments in the world.


Keith Kavanaugh


A father of two, and avid camper for most of his life, Keith brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Campground Commander through his camping experiences and knowledge, as well as and his talents in design. His creative and artistic talents have been the cornerstone for Starrtek, LLC for almost a decade and are now carrying over into the design and development of Campground Commander. A life-long camper, in the summer Keith, his wife and kids can usually be found wolf-watching in Yellowstone National Park.

Happy Campers



We’d like you to meet Molly our newest office edition. Molly is ready and willing to do what she can to help Karl and I with our work.

Sammy (2005-2020)

Sammy was a camper for most of his life. His love for traveling with Karl and Mary and staying in the camper with them was second only to his joy of meeting new small, furry friends at campgrounds. His expertise for Campground Commander was in his ability to sleep for hours while the work was being done.