Campground Commander Management Software

*Campground Commander works optimally on the Google Chrome browser.

  • Ideal for small to mid-size campgrounds and RV parks
    Design is intuitive and easy to use*
  • Provides flexibility in setup, managment and registrations
  • Management and administrative tools built for small to medium sized campgrounds – all forms have been designed by campground owners
  • Competitive pricing
  • Outstanding customer training and support

Pack Your Park And Pump Up Your Profits

As a campground manager, you can now modernize your business operations and improve customer relations with a powerful new online registration system that includes only the office management forms you need. And best of all, our products are priced at a cost you can afford! Save time and money with online services that provide around-the-clock online bookings, while streamlining your on-site management and accounting.

State Of The Art Systems Working Better By Working For You

Campground Commander offers only those services that are pertinent to your campground growth. There is no need to charge you extra money for products you may never use. We’ve visited with many private-owned campgrounds like yours to see what services and products they need and to assure our management products provide the support your campground needs. Campground Commander is built for smaller, privately-owned campgrounds to provide them with the edge currently available only to larger, more robust campgrounds, at a price you can afford. We are fully committed to help you grow your business! Call or email today to learn about our special pricing!

I just wanted to say Thank you! to everyone at Campground Commander for their excellent and courteous work on our website! You all are a blessing to work with.
Thanks again.

Paul and Libby at Show-Me Rest

Image courtesy of Pomeroy Campground, Pomeroy, Ia.

Your Business Is Unique

Which is why Campground Commander has been customized to meet your campground needs. We have listened to the needs of smaller, private campgrounds to assure our products provide solutions specific to your business. Different sized campgrounds require a different suite of tools to meet their needs. Our products are all created with campgrounds with 200 sites or less in mind. No more filtering through online forms to find the solution right for your campground, we’ve created what you need – nothing more, nothing less. You are our customer. When you prosper so do we. We are here to help you grow. Call us today to learn more!

New Features

  • Ability to charge for and auto-calculates total fees for extra items such as tents, canoes, kayaks, rental space etc.
  • Black list capabilities
  • Ability to set rates for specific sites for 1, 3, 7 and 30 day stays

Features for Management

  • Dynamic pricing
  • Customizable Terms of Service and Refund Policies
  • Color-schemed reservation report
  • Email and Text Communication with Camper Customers
  • Customers provide their discount club membership identifier (Good Sam membership ID, KOA number, etc.) during checkout with management ability to view, edit, and delete discount club membership identifiers for customers. 
  • Collects and stores vehicle and RV license plate information 
  • WCAG Level A accessibility compliant
  • Daily settlement report cutoff time can be configured to any time 
  • Includes an option to use an external card processor for the payment (terminal or POS system)
  • Campground management configures the sales tax rate under the Account section in the Management site
  • Old information as well as any new or most recent RV information is saved and can be used to auto fill reservation
  • Cancelled reservations are included in the detailed settlement report
  • Campground Commander fees charged at the time of reservations are refunded if a camper cancels their reservation
  • Campground Commander fee is charged at the time the reservation is paid not at the time the reservation is made
  • Fee can set to present directly to the customer as an additional “Processing Fee” making Campground Commander usage free to the campground  
  • Fees can be hidden from the customer providing the customer experience of no external charge to them for making a reservation to your campground
  • Securely saves customer’s credit card information using the Rolodex credit card saving feature provided by the credit card processor, Basys 
  • Software allows management to choose how they want to handle refund fees
  • Automatic customer information fill
  • Ability to move camper from one site to another either on Google Map or on the campground reservation grid
  • Reservations can be made through the Management Portal
  • Reservation software does NOT allow double booking of a site
  • Sites can be configured for minimum length of stay
  • Easily change site prices for Holidays/special occasions or off season
  • Ability to set site unavailable for maintenance or emergencies
  • Ability to designate sites with maximum/minimum rig length and type of rig allowed
  • Control security within the office with administration permissions, rules and users with the flexibility to interactions online or in person or on the move
  • Allows any number of computer users and includes login 
  • Manage your campground online wherever there is internet access using cell phone, tablet, laptop and desktop computers
  • Automatic email confirmation sent to camper and campground management when reservation is completed
  • Email confirmation receipt includes all information provided during reservation process including reserved site number  
  • POS and terminal capabilities
  • Allows for campsites, Tents and Cabins
  • Basys Processing (Partner company) provides extremely low percentages, typically 1.25-2% 

Features for Customers

  • Simple online reservation software is easy and quick to navigate and shows well on any device making it easier for customers to reserve online than other systems
  • Map includes nearby city labels to provide campers more information about the area
  • Site numbers, pictures, campsite and campground features (ex: shower house, laundry) pop up and/or show on our Google campground map to allow customers more information on the campground/campsites 
  • Campground road map allows campers a real time visual of the layout of the campground in relation to their size camper
  • Campsites are configured on the map to show camper the shape of the site making reservation selection 
  • Software does NOT allow double bookings
  • Reservations can be made on any online device including cell phones, tablets, laptop and desktop computers
  • Email confirmation receipt includes reserved site number, all information provided during reservation process along with directions on how to get to the campground
  • Online reservations require customer signature to agreement of campground rules before reservation can be completed
  • Choose to pass Campground Commander 3% service fee for reservations onto your customer or include it into campground campsite fee

Features Unique to Campground Commander

  • We are family owned and run giving us the ability to work directly with our customers, providing the best user experience and customer service in the market today
  • We provide unlimited training and technical support with no additional cost to our customers
  • Our software and reports have been created with the help of family owned campgrounds like yours providing us with the information needed to assure our software and reports are created specifically for our customers, family owned campgrounds
  • Our software provides our customers the ability to keep their current terminal or POS system while making in-house reservations through our software
  • Our campground maps are integrated onto Google maps allowing customers and management alike “real life” visuals of campground layout, features, roads etc 
  • Campground Commander does not use your customer information for marketing or sell your customer information to third parties for marketing purposes 
  • Because your data is stored on our servers, in the cloud, should your systems go down we can have your reservation software up within a matter of hours  
  • Campground Commanders unique “Heat Map” allows you to see at a glance, the most popular campsites, allowing you the tools needed to bring in more profit in upgrades or site price increase
  • We do NOT charge your credit card account for reservation cancellations

Campground Commander Fees

  • No charge, ever for setting Campground Commander onto your website and campground map, ongoing software updates, customer service, training or any other services
  • Transfer of current reservations and data onto Campground Commander software – one time fee of $650 (optional)

This was our first season as a partnership with Campground Commander. We have appreciated the fact that you and Karl listen to our concerns and needs as a smaller campground, and do the best you can to place priority on imementing new requests on the back end. Anytime I have a question or concern about the system, you both have responded in a timely manner. We truly appreciate the great customer service that Campground Commander provides around the clock.

Jason at Irons

Image courtesy of Osage Beach RV Park, Osage Beach, Mo.

Campground Commander Reservation software

Campers and RV park managers agree that Campground Commander is the premier system for campgrounds who demand the best! Combining the latest online booking technology with Google Maps®, it is hands down the preferred reservation system for all campers – Millennials to Baby Boomers! Flexible enough for campgrounds with as few as 20 campsites, Campground Commander’s robust capabilities make the perfect fit for the small to moderate sized campground. And, it’s user friendly and easy to set up. This all-in-one system can help increase revenue for your campground by improving customer interactions, 24/7 online booking and streamlining processes. Just some of the features Campground Commander has to offer:

  • Uses interactive Google Map of your campground with sites outlined and campsite images
  • Shows pull-through and back-in sites, campsite dimensions and site outline within Google Maps
  • Collects camper information and campsite choice for future use
  • Available campsites indicated with green and unavailable sites with red
  • Our apps collect more information than most to help you run your campground smoothly and efficiently
  • Make reservations online or through the office management portal
  • Keeps track of customer information and history of stays
  • Sets rig size and amenities for each campsite
  • Edit campsite price rates, specials and features
  • Real time cloud-based reservations eliminates double booking
  • Online Credit Card payments
  • Automated, immediate email confirmation for reservations and cancellations.

Campground Commander is a wonderful family-owned company. I have greatly enjoyed getting to know their team. If you are looking for a campground management system I would highly recommend them!

Jarod Dickson

Image courtesy of Country Gardens RV Park, Odessa, Mo.

We love the new website you designed for our RV Park and Campground! We had our first reservation within 24 hours of going live. Our customer feedback is terrific. They all love how easy it is to book online. Several travelers have commented on what a comprehensive site we have; they really appreciate being able to find places to eat and things to do in the area.

Tami at Bosch’s Big Bear

Professional Websites That Attract Customers

Increase online traffic to your campground while converting visitors into dollars through your new website. Our beautiful websites offer your customers a quick glance at your campground while including all of the pertinent information at a glance. Created to help fill your campground, your guests can quickly reserve their spot, check your local weather, locate your campground and see all the wonderful things to do in your area. Call us today to get started filling your campground!

We use Campground Commander and have no complaints about the product or service. Karl & Mary have been very helpful & respond quickly if a problem arises. Great people to work with. We recommend them for your online reservations.

Mary at St. Cloud

Contact us to learn how Campground Commander can increase your profits!

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