Campground Commander Management and Reservation apps

Campground Commander, developed for any generation, is one of the easiest to use and most affordable registration systems on the market today! You pay only when your campsites are reserved, simple as that! Unlike our competitors, Campground Commander is cloud-based so there are no additional charges for multiple computer installations or updates. Call or contact us today for a free demo!

Pricing and Options

Set upFREE
Support (unlimited)FREE
Software updates (pushed automatically)FREE
Software update notificationsFREE
Unlimited usersFREE
Annual recurring costsNONE
Technical supportFREE
Written user documentationFREE
Upload reports to QuickBooksFREE
Add additional sites to current campgroundFREE

Basic Costs

Nightly reservations3%
New pricing for monthly, seasonal and yearly stays.Call

Average fee per reservation: $1.35
(based on nightly campsite fee of $45)

Save more with a Campground Commander Membership!

We understand the positive influence online reservation can have in increasing reservations and revenue for campgrounds. We also understand the challenges and work it takes to continue to build your campground business while increasing yearly revenue. We are committed to providing the best value to our customers through quality tools and products proven to increase campground revenue growth. That is why we promise to do everything to assure you are satisfied with our Reservation Software, products and customer service. Due to our commitment to you, we have created yet another way to increase revenue for your campground through our Membership Program. The Campground Commander Membership Program not only pays for itself through the discounts listed below, it provides additional hundreds of dollars in savings to our customers! To learn more about what membership provides read on:

Save money on Campground Commander Products

ItemMember PriceNon-Member PriceMember Savings
Website Design$1,150$1,450$300
Website Announcement Pop-UpFREE$150$150
Website HostingFREE$55/month$660/year
Full-Color Campground Map (priced by number of campsites)$.95/campsite$1.15/campsite$20/100 campsites
Full-Color Brochure$350$450$100
Campground Logo (1-color)$350$475$125
Savings are approximate. Specific savings will depend on campground size and products ordered.

Earn money with our Member Referral Program

Not only do you save money on Campground Commander products but you’re automatically eligible to earn money for every campground your refer to us. Send a campground our way and receive a $350 referral bonus.*

*Referral bonus will be given 30 days after the referred campground is set up, is live on Campground Commander software and is processing reservations through Campground Commander for 30 days. The $350 referral bonus will be applied to the referring campground invoice following the 30-day use.

Image courtesy of Osage Beach RV Park, Osage Beach, Mo.

Build your business with these Campground Commander Products

Happy Hollow Campground screenshot

Your Campground Website

Our website development team has over 25 years of experience in the field. A lot went into the design of our website template and the features that are helping our customers get noticed. We’ve learned a lot, too, and add new features and functionality on a regular basis.

Printable Campground Map and Flyer

Your campers will appreciate an easy-to-read map of your campground. Hand them out to incoming customers, offer it on your website or print them in large format for posting around your campground.


Number of campsitesPrice (Member / Non-Member)
Campground map (1-sided)
Up to 30 campsites$60 / $72
31-60$105 / $126
61-90$135 / $162
91-120$159 / $191
121-150$183 / $220
151+$207 / $249
Combination map & flyer (2-sided)
Up to 30 campsites$350 / $450
31-60$395 / $495
61-90$425 / $525
91-120$449 / $549
121-150$473 / $573
151+$497 / $597
Prices subject to change without notice.


FormatPrice (Member / Non-Member)
PDF for in-house printingFREE
Color, 8.5×11
Qty of 100 (map)
Qty of 100 (map & flyer)
$140 / $168
$183 / $220
Qty of 250 (map)
Qty of 250 (map & flyer)
$161 / $194
$206 / $248
Qty of 500 (map)
Qty of 500 (map & flyer)
$197 / $237
$231 / $278
Qty of 1000 (map)
Qty of 1000 (map & flyer)
$264 / $317
$323 / $388
Qty of 2000 (map)
Qty of 2000 (map & flyer)
$383 / $460
$456 / $548
Color Poster, 11×17 (map)
Qty of 1$22 / $27
Qty of 5$49 / $59
Color Poster Sign, 18×24 (map)
Weather resistant 20mil styrene$49 / $59
Weather resistant PVC board$78 / $94
Prices subject to change without notice. Prices do not include applicable taxes and shipping. Please call for pricing on larger quantities.