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Lila at Winding River

We were just looking at the reservations we have so far and were appreciating that we have more reservations at this time of year then last year and we haven’t had to answer the phone or emails hardly at all to get the reservations!!! Thank goodness! OR thank CampCom!!!

Ezra at Hickory Holler

I would like to thank you for all Campground Commander has done for our campground over the last two years. We have been able to streamline our operations from all paper to 90%+ digital. This has saved us time and space.

Christy & Dillon at Shaded Acres

It was so great meeting you and putting a face to the name and emails! You guys have made every step of this process seamless and we are just overjoyed!! You were so thorough and informative and have made me so happy we picked Campground Commander as our reservation software. I’m so excited to get started! Thanks for everything.

Christy at Shaded Acres

You guys have been so awesome to work with so far and I’m already so happy we chose to use Campground Commander!

Lisa at Shamrock Acres

We can’t say enough good things about Campground Commander. We looked at a number of reservation software and decided to go with Campground Commander. They are a family owned business and in visiting with Mary and Karl, they understood the needs of our size campground. The cost of using their software is much less expensive than others we looked at and it the reports are exactly what we need. Their customer service has been excellent and their software is so easy to use.

Mary at St. Cloud

We use Campground Commander and have no complaints about the product or service. Karl & Mary have been very helpful & respond quickly if a problem arises. Great people to work with. We recommend them for your online reservations.

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