How much is your reservation software? See how much you could save with Campground Commander.

How much are you paying for your campground reservation software?

Campground Commander is one of the most affordable registration systems on the market today. You pay only when your campsites are reserved, simple as that!

  • Campground Commander is cloud-based and there are no additional charges for multiple computer installations or user updates.
  • Unlike many of our competitors, set up with our system is free. We offer unlimited customer support at no charge to you.
  • We update and improve our software frequently and our customers receive the software updates automatically with no additional fees.
  • Unlike some software companies who charge per user, with Campground Commander you can have unlimited users on the software with no additional charges.
  • There are no recurring costs, you only pay when a site is reserved by your customer.
  • Technical support and written user documentation is free.
  • Reports generated by Campground Commander software can be uploaded to Quickbooks software with zero additional charges.
  • All training on the software prior to implementation and to add new users to your account is free.

Check out our pricing and options below and see how much you could save!

The average fee per reservation is $1.20 (based on nightly campsite fee of $40). If this sounds like a good value for you and your campground, contact us today for a free demo!

If you would like to learn more about Campground Commander, check out our “Features” webpage or join us on social media. We’re on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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