Customer Testimonials

Eldon at St. Cloud

We use Campground Commander and have no complaints about the product or service when needed. Great people to work with. Would recommend looking into it.

Kaylee at Rocky Mountain View

I want to tell you guys, we love the system it’s smooth, super user friendly and haven’t had any issues you guys are doing awesome!

Tom at Bosch’s Big Bear

We are extremely happy with Campground Commander and get many compliments from our customers on our website and how easy it is to book a site. The process of setting up our website and campground management system was quick and easy. I would highly recommend Campground Commander to anyone.

Dustin at Sleepy Hollow Campground

I am very satisfied with Campground Commander software and the time it has saved me in managing my campground is huge. And one of my customers called me to let me know that ‘the software you use for online reservations was the easiest software I’ve ever used for making an online reservation.’

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