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Questions about the Campground Commander Manage and Campground Commander Reserve apps.

Is there a limit on the number of computers Campground Commander can be installed on?

No. Any number of computers can install our system and it can be access by your management team anyplace there is internet access.

Is there a charge for software updates?

No. There is no charge for updates. Customers will get new updates automatically whenever updates are created, so you’ll always have instant access to the most up-to-date software.

What is the difference between Campground Commander and some of the other popular registration systems on the market today?

An important difference between Campground Commander and some of the other systems on the market today is that Campground Commander keeps track of all of your reservations. It's a reservation management system and a campground management system that includes reservation tracking, campsite occupancy monitoring and reporting. Other registration systems on the market are actually lead generator systems which only provide reservation inquiries and require campground management approval or disapproval. Campground Commander assures you a full campground by capturing those customers who want immediate reservations online while simultaneously allowing you to register campers in person at your campground.

Do I need any specialized hardware or websites to use Campground Commander?

No. Campground Commander is connected to your current website with a “Reserve Now” button that takes your customer directly to the Campground Commander Reserve app. Other reservation apps actually take your customer away from your website so they can market directly to them through their own website. Campground Commander does not market to your customer in any way. If you have an older website it may not support the Campground Commander Reserve app. If that's the case, Campground Commander can help you update your website.

Is Campground Commander easy to learn and use?

Yes. Campground Commander Manage and Campground Commander Reserve are built to transcend all generations in ease of both learning and using. Our goal is to create a product that's easy for those of us not raised on computers to quickly learn and understand while having the technology Millennials and Gen X’ers expect.

How long does it take for the interactive Google campground map to update new registrations?

Our system updates in real time so double booking is unlikely to happen. As soon as a campsite has been reserved, the interactive map shows that spot unavailable in both the Manage and Reserve apps. There is no need to refresh pages.

Can campers register through in person with office management or is this an online reservation system only?

Campers can register with office management through Campground Commander Manage and online through the Campground Commander Reserve. To assure sites get filled, it's important for campers who prefer the convenience of reserving online to have that flexibility or they will seek a campground where they can. Our app also allows management to register campers in the office if they prefer. Either way the campground map is updated in both apps automatically as soon as the reservation is made.

Can campers be moved around if they have registered online rather than in the office?

Yes. Campground Commander Manage allows management to move customers to different campsites and the Google campground map updates automatically.

How do I make sure a campsite that is having maintenance done on it isn’t reserved online?

Campground Commander Manage allows management to make a campsite unavailable to customers with the click of a button.

Does the campground management get notification of online or office reservations?

Yes. An email is sent to both the customer and management with complete reservation information.

Can I pass your fees onto the customer?

Yes. The 5% registration fee (Typically between $1.25-$1.75 per night) is included in the campsite price prior to reserving the campsite. Since Campground Commander has no hidden fees or costs, 5% is the only fee you will see once Campground Commander is set up for your campground.

How will I be billed?

Campground Commander bills twice monthly - the 5th and 20th of each month. We offer flexible options for payment including direct payments through your bank or credit card.

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